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Empire- Leeds 23rd Jan

First run out of the year for some of our team today @empiregrappling and we took 14 medals.

  • Wally Walsh Silver Beginners NOGI + Gi
  • Janis Gold Beginners Gi
  • Louisa Silver Novice NOGI
  • Kai Silver Novice Gi + NOGI
  • Tommy Silver Gi intermediate
  • Adam Bronze advanced NOGI
  • Joe Bronze Intermediate NOGI
  • Ed Silver advanced Gi
  • Luke Silver advanced Gi

Kev Phillips Gold Gi, Silver NOGI and Bronze Absolute Intermediate

Great to see some new faces stepping up and experiencing competition as well as some people stepping up to harder divisions today. Some great performances and some top finishes. As always, plenty of lessons learned.

Submission of the day went to Kev Phillips. We weren’t sure which video to use as he finished 4 matches with the Peruvian Neck tie today. £150 goes to him.

#carlsongracieteam #bransholmejiujitsu



  • Instructional's  coming soon!
  • Seminars 

Head Coach Owen Livesey is currently working along side The Grapple Club to film a Instructional in No Gi Judo.  The Grapple Club is one of the biggest Platforms that showcases the best of the best in the world of Grappling. Owen is excited to share his knowledge with everyone. 

Additionally, Owen has been asked to travel to San Diego beginning of February to film another Instructional. We are super excited about this as it's exciting to have a British Grappler showing some of the work we do in America.  More news on this will come once Owen Travels back. 

Owen is also travelling to various different gyms to do Seminars. He is currently limiting himself to one Seminar a month so if interested contact us to know his availability!

  • Mad Monday Visit

We had a Visit from our Supplier from Hardlife Fightwear over training with us on Monday the 24th! we were happy to have him over and his athlete who is competing at Grapplefest later on in February.  

  • International Women's day Sparring Session

On the 6th of March we are holding a celebratory Women's only Sparring session at Carlson Gracie Hull. We are hoping to bring grapplers and fighters from all over the country together to have a big afternoon of sparring and celebrating International Women's Day. Everyone is welcome, any level. Get in touch with Julia if you want more info: 07900906256

  • Daisie Fresh Seminar
  • Friday 4th of March- 19:00-22:00

Members Only until we fill spaces up. Maybe open to public. Contact for more Info.

  • Lake District BJJ Camp

We had a great turn out with our most recent Camp at the Lake District. Thank you to everyone who attended and took your time out to come and learn from us. 


We have had a busy couple of weeks with people competing, seminars​, some changes in schedule (check out our timetable!) 

  • Well done to everyone stepping up representing the club and winning medals, more importantly having great fights. 

We have had another amazing Womens only Sparring open mat! Thanks to Julia for organising it all and we love to see you all come back again! 

  • These sessions will be held on a monthly basis! 

21st and 22nd of May we will be hosting out First ever Wrestling for BJJ Camp. 

we have 30 spaces available so book quickly if you would like a space via this link:

Our celebration of international women’s day turned out to be amazing. We had a mixture of levels and sports on the mat who all came together for a two hour (and a bit more) session! 
We will be holding our next session on the 1st of May! Keep your eyes on our social media for the link to register. 
Thank you again to all who attended, we had an amazing time. 


3 of the team out competing @rollmodelsbjj today. @archieblack10 fighting in the adult brackets at 15, 2 losses but gives it his all every week in training and when he goes out on to the mat so it’s just a matter of time, valuable experience.

@ryblack1 Silver .. great work mate. 2 finishes 👏

@mat7184 Silver. Buzzing. After a tough start to competition, been consistent in his training and non surprisingly big improvement.

Top works lads 👊

#carlsongracieteam #bransholmejiujitsu


Good run out for the lads today @subsuperfights we went 2 wins and 1 loss.

@davegood02 Dave’s first invitational. Great performance. After defending his legs effectively, he managed to pass, take mount and finish his opponent with an Ezekiel Choke.

@jack_cochran2310 massive improvements from Jack. Consistent trainer. Lost last time out by getting caught out with a leg lock. We’ve put some focus into this and today it was good to see him working his way out of entanglements confidently and putting on a great match. Losing out by arm bar in the end against a skilled opponent. Some touch ups again now and he’s levelled up. Great work.

@procter634 after feeling each other out on the feet for a bit, James opponent chose to pull guard and James hit him with a straight foot lock.

Great work from all 3. Great to see all 3 working exactly what we’ve been pushing hard with the last few months in the gym and most importantly again gaining loads of valuable lessons and experience.

It’s a work in progress. Trust the process. Respect lads for stepping up.



Head coach Owen Livesey takes the Win against Freddie who up until now is arguably the best grappler at this weight in the country. Freddy is also a team mate from

Carlson Gracie London. Much respect to him on this fight. 

Polaris 19 was one to remember! We cannot wait for Polaris 20


Big day for the team;


@riseofthebean Bronze in advanced division and absolute.

@jack_0xley_ silver No Gi Int

@finley_cochran_2005 Silver Gi Beg and Gold No Gi.

@chris_green_20 Gold NoGi Beg

@cheyney.richardson Gold No Gi Beg.


Head Coach Owen Proves himself once again in Poland last weekend gaining a silver in the ADCC. Owen fought his way to the final with top level competitors and proved once again his solid background. Everyone at the club is so proud! Even more exciting to have Carlson Gracie Hull up in those big stages leading the way!! 


On the same weekend as ADCC we had a team in Leads at Empire. Again, our team showed all the work we put in and gained lots of medals and won some impressive fights! Huge well done to everyone who competed and who went to support! Thanks to Coach Dan for helping everyone on the day also. Carlson Gracie Hull Team is smashing the comps and we couldn’t be happier! 


In Scotland we had a team for the SGI Invitational and once again the team smashed it. We had 4 wins and 3 loses. All great fights and we left it all out there on the mats! That’s all that matters to us. Well done team in Scotland! 


Our fighter making his debut on the night was @riseofthebean and again he did a great job of linking his striking to his wrestling, solid cage wrestling and finished the match in round 2 with an arm triangle.

Going to be plenty more coming out of this gym, it really is just the start.

In 2 years of being open this gym has had representatives and wins on Grapplefest, Polaris, Grapple kings, the ADCC European Trials and now crossing over to MMA.

All the big stages. No luck. Every bit is earned.

#bransholmejiujitsu #bransholmemma


@jack_cochran2310 Amateur MMA Debut @unityfightingchampionship did a very good job of linking his striking to his wrestling and shown some solid cage wrestling, exactly what he’s been working in the gym with the Body lock.

1 - 0. On to the next!

#bransholmejiujitsu #bransholmemma


  The team went 1:1 GrappleFest] last night. @owenlivesey grinded out a tough decision against a top wrestler in Pixley and @ju.scardone lost in the last 2 mins after a very entertaining back and fourth match against a top top level opponent.

What a team we have got. It seems all the work that’s been done over the last two years is starting to click a little at the moment and we’re getting some momentum right across the board. It’s going to be a big end to the year on all fronts, for everyone involved!

That’s now 4 of our team grappling on what is one of the biggest stages in Europe in GrappleFest] .. who’s going to be next to step up? We’ve got plenty in line, waiting.




Another world class win for our Head a coach Owen Livesey in the latest Polaris in Italy. Owen went head to head with World Champion and ADCC Medallist Josh Hinger from Atos Gym. 

Owen put on a entertaining show and was dominant all fight. Showing the standard of training we have at Carlson  Gracie Hull! 


A couple of weeks ago our Head Coach was in Last Vegas fighting in the best tournament in the World! 

Owen Represented Carlson Gracie Hull at theADCC World Championships. 

Owen ended up narrowly loosing to the eventual second time Winner Brazilian fighter Kaynan Duarte

Owen showed the world exactly where he belongs and where it is possible to get to when you train with us!


Well done to Adam Jinto getting Silver at the Arnold Sports UK ADCC! 


Great win for Julia Scardone at Enyo! 

She was part of the first all female only card in Europe facing a strong opponent. 



6 of the MMA Team out fighting @caged_steel and we

went 4:2.

MMA coach @

again and took the win via split decision.

@r_colclough and Big Aaron lost on their debuts but as

always massive respect for stepping up, you did the

work, this is just a step in the way, learn the lessons

and we are back in there. *

@owenlivesey lost via decision out in Las Vegas in the

biggest grappling tournament in history @adcc_official

he lost out to 2019 World Champion and the #1 seed.

For a small gym in Bransholme that's only been open

coming up to 3 years .. the results are unmatched.

We're on a different level.

Big big things to come.

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